FeelGooder Asks: What’s Your Good News?

Look in the papers—or at the online news—right now and you’d be forgiven for feeling a little deflated. In fact, that’s probably the best-case scenario! Between shaky local and global economies, political bickering, environmental disasters, and humanitarian crises, things are grim.

…but not entirely.

What’s your good news?

Climate change?

Snow: an increasingly uncommon sight where I live.

I know you have some good news. Perhaps it’s something that’s happened in your personal life, or to a friend. Or maybe it’s something you read online. In any case, share your good news with us in the comments—with a link if you can—so that we can all add a bright, FeelGooder moment to our days.

My good news? The government here in Australia has passed carbon tax laws. This is one debate that’s raged white-hot for some time in Australia.

Regardless of the politics, whose side you’re on, or what you believe the merits of a tax are or are not over other tools that could be used to curb carbon emissions, this seems to me to be a large philosophical step forward for Australia. And that’s good news.

My country remains one of the highest emitters of carbon per capita in the world. Given the changing climate here—and with our Pacific Island neighbors—I’m very glad that we seem to finally be tackling the difficult question of what we can, and are willing, to do to act. To me, this mind shift is very good news.

What’s your good news this week? Please share it with us in the comments.

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Georgina is a professional writer and editor, and Content Manager for FeelGooder.


  1. Donna Olander says:

    My husband was laid off from his engineering position of 12 years eight months ago. There was no inkling it was going to happen & there was no severence pay. We’re now behind on our bills & mortgage for the first time in 28 years of home ownership. Despite his Masters Degree & varied job experience (& the fact that he’s an instantly likeable & super hard working kinda guy – may I add) …job prospects have been next to nil & it’s frightening. So…aside from that, my GOOD NEWS came yesterday when my sister & BFF got the news that her large ovarian tumor is benign rather than malignant. I lost a close friend last year following a battle with ovarian cancer. Honestly Honestly Honestly…any money issue, any worry about losing our beautiful home, ruined credit, blah blah blah…PALE in comparison to the thought of losing a person you love fiercely. So my GOOD NEWS yesterday wasn’t just good – it was precious FABULOUS news that couldn’t have been better.

  2. I try and stay as far away as possible from all the drama involved with politics and the economy. I’ve found that most of it is blown out of proportion by the media in order to produce maximum hype to profit off of.

    When I was focusing on all of that, my focus on my own life wasn’t nearly as strong and I wasn’t able to see what I needed to work on personally to grow and become better. I was to distracted by what the media was saying.

  3. Hi Georgina,
    I generally don’t look at the news because it is often filled with fear based information. This triggers the reptilian brain is us to over react and get all stressed out.

    I have re-instated an attitude of gratitude to keep myself balanced and happy. Now this doesn’t mean that I stick my head in the sand when something needs to be done like carbon laws.

  4. Despite all the doom-and-gloom news out there, my family is doing quite well. I have worked for one company for nearly eleven years and have been promoted from customer service to another department, which included a significant raise. My husband, who lost his job two years ago, was hired on as a temp a year ago and now is a permanent employee. My 23 year old son is nearly finished with school and will have a degree in network security. We have paid off all debts except the mortgage, allowing us to save money like crazy, or to splurge every once in a while, without going into debt again. Life for my family is good. I wish it could be this good for everyone who is struggling.

  5. There’s nothing better than a nice piece of good news. For example, by town is revamping nearly every major city owned entertainment complex over the next few years.

    There’s an initiative going on to attract genuinely decent acts. Which means a ton of fun for me, eventually.

    Good news is good.

  6. Well, since you asked….my husband and I finally found what we’re looking for in our Next Big Thing. After selling everything we owned to travel and figure out what we wanted to be when we grew up, we finally discovered how to balance our need for making a decent living with helping others to make their lives better, their business stronger and the world a cleaner, more environmentally friendly place. The best part is, we can do this while traveling around in our RV. We couldn’t be happier!

  7. As Rob says, good news is good! Thanks for letting us in on what’s been your good news this week 🙂 I thought it was particularly interesting to read Donna’s story, followed by Tasha’s — both were full of hope!

    Thanks again guys. I think you just made my day 🙂

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