FeelGooder Asks: How Will You Stave Off Cold and Flu this Fall?

With the changing seasons, it’s all too easy to pick up bugs and get sick. I don’t know about you, but I often seem to forget that the weather’s cooler, and try to get around in my summer clothes as long as possible. Not smart. Inevitably I wind up sniveling on the couch with red eyes, a headache, and a dearth of vitamin C tablets.

So we asked our lovely FeelGooder followers:

How will you stave off cold an flu this fall?

We got some intriguing ideas.

Cold and flu

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AnJuli advised, “The moment I start to feel ill or sense illness coming on I switch to a diet of fruit and water. All those antioxidants must be good for something.”

It’s a good point: often we “sense” an illness coming on before there are any major symptoms. When you start to feel run down, AnJuli’s advice might just help you out.

Reader Leigh, on the other hand, is a picture of health. “I hardly ever get colds! Maybe three total in 35 years,” she boasted! Lucky lady. She recommends this article from Scientific American, which details research that shows how populations in different regions have differently shaped noses.

My favorite quote from the article comes from Nathan Holton at the University of Iowa, who says “Proper heating and humidification of air in colder climates are important for respiratory health.” Keep that in mind, northeners!

When I get a sore throat I rely on ginger tea—root ginger boiled in water for around five minutes, then sipped—to sooth the situation. What’s your secret cold and flu remedy? Share it with us in the comments!

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  1. Hi Georgina,
    I haven’t been sick in 14 years and one trick did it for me. I always wear a winter cap when it is cold out. Keeping the cold off of my hot head seems to work well for me.

  2. I am convinced that sugar kills my immune system. So I keep added sugar to a bare minimum and take a Vitamin C every day. I’ve never felt better.

  3. Hey, great tips 🙂 I was an “I haven’t been sick in x years” person until this winter, so I’ll give these ideas a try next time I’m sick.

  4. I’m on the Vit-C bandwagon with Theresa and Tatianna. I tend to take 1,000mg each day, then if/when I get sick I take 3-4x times that to recover faster.

  5. I have tended to get sore throats and head colds throughout my life. I now have a regimen that I follow as soon as I “sense” something coming on. I go completely off all sugar, as it feeds any bacteria or germs in the throat and nose. Drink a lot of water and I start tacking 500-1000 mg of Vitamin C every 30 minutes for the next 6-8 hrs and normally by the end of that time period all my symptoms are completely gone. This works best if you jump on it RIGHT when you get those feelings in your nose or throat. I also find that if I get as much rest while I am supporting my body to fight it off that it seems to help a lot too. Keeping your hands washed and not touching your face, eyes, mouth with your hands helps a bunch too! I have had tremendous success with fighting off colds and sore throats with this method. Good luck!

  6. I live in an moist, damp part of the world where most people suffer from regular colds during winter. I agree with Kristi – it’s important to jump on it right away.
    As soon as I feel the slightest early symptom (throat tickle, ear ache, headache, thirst), I start taking Vitamin C in a powdered form mixed with water. (emergen-C works well too). I’ll keep the VC up every couple of hours, but I also take echinacea tincture along with an herbal tea formulated for colds and flus. It’s important to take the echinacea every few hours – and to take enough. I have often nipped a cold in the bud this way – and it never gets a chance to take hold.

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