What Makes YOU Feel Good?

What makes you ‘Feel Good’?

Image by Michael D. Dunn

I asked this question on our Facebook Page a few days ago and we got some interesting responses (see them here) so I thought it might be a good discussion starter here on the blog too.

It was interesting to identify some of the themes in the earlier conversation – one that came up repeatedly was people saying that they felt best when they were focusing their energies upon making others feel good.

“Adding value to someone’s life…. Perhaps by improving their health, circumstances, outlook.” – Brenda Hoffman Hook

“Getting a heartfelt “thank you” to a question I answered.” – Leo A. Notenboom

“Touching others through one’s own passion. Since doing my passion has given me so much happiness, knowing that others have also benefited from it only doubles my fulfillment.” – Georgia Catalan

There were other themes but that one struck me as it connected with some of the times in my life when I’d felt best.

Of course it’s not just some of those deeper things that make us feel good. I included the image above because every time I come across it I feel good and it reminds me of the many hours I spent as a kid jumping on beds (feeling good).

What makes you ‘Feel Good’?

PS: Perhaps another way to answer it would be to think about a time in your life when you felt good – and share what was going on for you at that point that made it such a good time.

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  1. Life and the thrill that maybe just maybe tomorrow will be better than today!

    • Thank you for saying that. You put in to words how i got through 16 years of
      depression. I couldn’t stop thinking tomorrow would be better!

  2. Impacting the world around me in positive ways.

    Knowing that I can use my creativity to help and inspire other people – and this not some mumbo-jumbo kumbayo self-less chat – I’m pretty egoistic by nature, but seeing how I can rock the world FEELS so good it’s unbelievable.

    And that’s the mission of my blog – The World Needs You.

    Becoming uber-valuable and putting that kick-ass dent in the (digital) universe.

    What about you ?

    • I love that you turned what makes you feel good into a blog!

    • It feels good to know that with every smile, someone gets at least just that bit happier, right then and there.

      It feels even better to smile.

      @ Mars, I’m well impressed that you acknowledge your egotism. Must be very liberating.

      After that, what do you do about it, I mean really? Do you just let it live on by itself or ….?

      • Hi @ Marsh
        Keep smiling and than you might understand the keen to be friendly with a smile.

  3. Good question. Eating well, which for me is a restricted diet, makes me feel great. Getting to bed at a resonable hour, necessary for good spirits. Seeing my kids laugh and smile is my best good feeling. But without taking care of myself first, I don’t enjoy the kids happiness as much.

  4. I feel good knowing that my children are feeling good! I feel good when the good people do for others beome the headline news! Finally, I feel good knowing that I’m in a good place with becoming the woman I’ve always wanted to know…

  5. A giant pink furry robe, big colorful fuzzy slippers, Venti Soy Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks and my Bible on the back porch just enjoying the day.

  6. It’s awesome to look back on the dark places in life and know I was carried, understand I’m a little bit (or a lot) stronger and realize it was not in vain…because the greatest things I have to offer often come from the deepest wells of pain.

    On a lighter note, mashed potatoes. I’ve never met a mashed potato that didn’t make me feel outstanding! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I can think of numerous life-arching things that make me feel good … but when I read “What makes you โ€˜Feel Goodโ€™?”, there’s one thing that comes to my mind: A hug from my husband (who I haven’t seen for 2 1/2 months while he’s been @ Marine Corps boot camp). I’ve never wanted a hug from him more in my life – that would make me feel good.

  8. Courage. Making a difference. Impacting others. Remembrance. Licking the lid of an icecream container. Getting a tattoo that has meaning. The smell of fresh bread. Mooing at cows. Passion. Being passionate. Living passionately. Anything that makes me say you bloody ripper!

    And that definitely includes jumping on beds!

  9. Lets see…
    Serving those less fortunate
    Playing indoor football with my kids
    Going on date nights with my wonderful wife
    When someone achieves their goals b/c of our sites
    Riding my bike
    Supporting the Pacific Crest Trail Association, San Diego Rescue Mission, The Church at Rancho Bernardo and many others
    Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada

  10. Listening to my kids laugh and giggle while playing with my husband.

  11. A lot of things make me feel good. Chocolate (hey, I’m female, it’s allowed). Seeing an old friend. Snuggles with my kitty. But more than anything, what makes me feel good is just when someone thinks of me, remembers me, or reaches out to me in some way.

    Back in September, my cousin called me, which is not abnormal since we’re pretty good friends, but rather than a typical conversation, she was calling to invite me to a bachelorette party that she was organizing…for a girl I haven’t seen since high school. If not for noticing it on Facebook, I wouldn’t have even known she was getting married. For some reason, though, when my cousin asked the bride who should be invited (she had a very small wedding party, just my cousin and her little sister), she named me.

    I felt really weird about going at first, since I hadn’t stayed in touch with her and wasn’t even invited to the wedding, but at the party, I had a moment to pull the bride aside and thank her for inviting me. What she said really touched me – that although she felt weird about inviting me to the very small wedding she was having since we hadn’t been in touch, I was someone who had an impact in her life and she thinks about me often. She wanted to reach out and reconnect, because I was important to her.

    Maybe because I had had a few beers by that point, but it made me get teary-eyed! That’s the epitome of feeling good to me – knowing that I made just a little difference in someone’s life, that they remember me. I try to reach out to other people, because I think that so often we do remember someone, but we don’t tell them that. It’s such a little thing we can do to make someone feel so good.

    • you had me at chocolate!

      that’s a great story too – it’s amazing what someone making an effort like that out of the blue can do to lift your spirits. I need to be that person more – I fear I become so self absorbed in my own little world sometimes that I forget to do that sort of thing.


      • I have the same problem sometimes – I live in my own world with all the projects I’m doing. Since the party, I’ve made it my goal to contact three people per week without any reason, just to say “Hi. I remember you.” Not always in those words, but just to make a conscious effort to let the people in my life know that I care about them and they’re important to me.

    • Wow, what a beautiful thing for her to do! That touched me. I could think of a few people I haven’t seen in 20 years whom I would invite.

      Hey, why is this room suddenly so dusty?

  12. For several years I worked as a Resident Director at a big party school. Which means as a professional adult, I lived and worked with college freshman.

    It. Was. Bananas.

    I had to put out a lot of tough love, but I also put out a lot of plain old love. A couple years later I’ve had a few find me and tell me that interactions I thought were no big deal at the time, were actually a big deal to them … I impacted them positively in some way. I was there when I was needed and sometimes I didn’t even know it.

    It doesn’t get better than that.

    • great stuff Anna – have had similar feedback to me from time to time from the days I used to work as a youth worker. Nothing better than seeing one of the kids you worked with thriving and even better to hear that something you said had an impact.

  13. I like riding my bike, skateboarding, skiing. Being active makes me happy. If I sit around for too long, I can become sad and depressed. Moving about seems to always cheer me up.

  14. Seeing the first residents of Breakthrough House get ready to take the first steps to a new life with the launch of this home grown charity that will see damaged people repaired and inspired to greatness.

  15. I recently joined a gym to try and get back into shape. When I walk out of the gym about 90 minutes later I am on top of the world, feeling good physically and mentally. That feeling is so good that I can’t wait for the next session, long may it last.

    • fantastic – I’ve never found the gym to be like that myself, I always stagger out and wonder if I’ll throw up on the way to the carpark…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Many things make me feel good.

    Drinking tea before the sun rises.

    Meditating twice a day.

    Putting in a full days work and feeling like I accomplished something significant at the end of the day.

    Saying hello to strangers knowing that it will brighten their spirits (I plan to write a post on that).

  17. I am my mother’s daughter and one of the things that makes me feel good is helping others. I’m big on the Random Act of Kindness concept and have been teaching my daughter that doing for others is part of how we leave our imprint.

    Now that I blog more publicly, seeing an email with a comment to my blog instantly makes me feel good. I wrote something that meant or touched someone enough to leave a comment. Even though negative/snarky comments totally bum me out, I am reminded that it is what I said, emphasis on I, that compelled someone to talk back. I mattered. What I said mattered.

  18. What makes me feel good? A great night’s sleep. As a part time insomniac, a great night of sleep changes my entire outlook on life. When I am well rested, I can give back more easily and naturally. When I am rested, I tend to be a lot nicer and 10 times more thoughtful. You’ve got to take care of yourself to allow you take care of others.

    • must be tough not sleeping but make those nights that you do all the better! I used to have a bit of insomnia and can related – although since having kids there are patches of forced insomnia too which make me appreciate a good night’s sleep too.

  19. What makes me feel good…

    There’s something about music that makes me feel great. Not just the process of finding new music, but there’ll be times when I listen to a single song on repeat for weeks on end. Music has the ability to change moods and elicit responses more powerfully than images would alone, and it gives me the boost I need to finish off my workout. Also…

    Christmas makes me feel absolutely delightful, I’m elated just thinking about Christmas carols.

    Having a song come up on shuffle that I literally haven’t heard in years.

    Finishing a blog post that I know will be of use to someone.

    Watching Lord of the Rings makes me feel good. (Minus the Frodo scenes on occasion.)

    • I relate to the music thing too – although to be honest I don’t listen to it enough. I used to listen to it most in the car – but these days don’t drive a heap and in my ‘old age’ have switched to talk back radio – need to build music back into my life more.

  20. Hmmm……..A lot of things make me feel good. Bright colors (mismatched of course!), Christmas in my coffee on a cold day, butternut squash soup, ben & jerry’s ice cream. But that’s food!!
    Let’s see, my big fluffy pillow, hiking in the woods, a long hot shower, painting, taking pictures, and my cats. I enjoy cooking for people, and I enjoy that once a month where I go grocery shopping and I clean the apartment of my elderly Aunt.
    I also enjoy those few times I can pay for something and say to someone it is “my treat”!!
    An old song I haven’t heard also makes me feel good, in addition to several artists: Adele, Airborne Toxic Event, Allman Brothers, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Del McCoury Band, Steve Martin, and Pop music that I can dance to!

    • ‘my treat’ is one of my favorite moments too. I’m realizing since this post went up that for me it does seem to be more about doing things for others that gets me going.

  21. As a Reiki Master/Teacher and herbalist, seeing my students evolve and grow makes me feel good. I love being a catalyst for positive change and seeing people find and start living their life with passion and following their dreams.

  22. Smiling and then people randomly smile back. It gives me a sense of shared humanship. That no matter what, we are all just human and whatever is going on in our lives we can still smile to each other to reinforce that we are all spinning on this earth together.

  23. What makes me feel good?

    Getting back on the Internet this morning after a couple days spent offline and noticing my name in print in this blog post!!

    Iโ€™ve been off the radar for the past couple daysโ€ฆ making a very real effort (and some very real progress!) to focus on my short term goals. This blog post is like a sticky note reminder of my current priorities โ€“ and their value.

    Itโ€™s also a reminder that I need to switch my new blog from private to public. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I recently left my leadership position at a charitable clinic for people who lack health insurance. I was blessed to have a full-time job helping people who would otherwise go without healthcare. It made me feel good.

    After six years, I recently left that job so I could do something else. I plan to start a wellness ministry for people who canโ€™t afford a gym membership and donโ€™t know how to begin a fitness program on their own. Exercising makes me feel good. I want others to feel good, too.

    Iโ€™m not sure what it will look like in the end, but I know I feel good when I think about the possibilities โ€“ and when I see the excitement on the faces of the people who have already heard about it.

    Thanks, Darren, for helping me โ€œFeel Good(er)โ€ today! I look forward to watching this blog evolveโ€ฆ

    • you’re welcome – thanks for dropping by and sharing that story – it reminds me that story telling is another of those things that makes me feel good (both telling and hearing them).

  24. I consider myself to be a teacher at the core of who I am. I love to help others see their potential and I love to see the “lightbulb” go off when they finally “get”something. These things make me feel good! I also like to help people make their lives easier and that is what I strive to do on my blog, and I am excited to see Darren’s new blog. I think it is a great idea!
    I love the picture! HE is having fun!

  25. I was wondering where I could share this. First, I thought about a blog post and will probably use it for that too but here goes.

    I’m a recovering employee and I work with patients in Hospital. Today, a 82 year old patient was such a joy to experience. He explained about what he does for work. He told me he works every day. He is still clearing brush and cutting wood for his ranch property.

    The gift of experience is such a joy,”feel gooder” for me. What also always gives me the goodest feeling is talking to a hard working person about hard manual labor. There is just something about good honest hard work that I really enjoy. My wife’s parents have a 250 acres hobby farm in northern Wisconsin. Every year, there must be a stock pile of fire wood ready for winter. A few years I was fortunate enough to get to help in that effort.

    I left that patient today, after letting him know how much I enjoyed his conversation, with such a light feeling in my heart.


  26. Creating something makes me feel good – whether it’s a blog post, writing a snail mail to somebody, creating a craft project, or doodling on a sketchpad. What makes it XTRA extra factor feelgood is when my creativity is shared with my eight year old daughter. Creating together is just plain good stuff.

    Like another commentor, I like RAKing my local community also, even when I don’t see the results. I leave occasional small things like hand-made bookmarks, tucked into returned library books etc.

    And finally (because I could go on forever), Scott’s comment above made me think of the feeling of doing something witness ably valuable and so simple – from(if hard work). Being an office and IT worker for twenty years, to now living quite a virtual life, nothing can beat when I spend a day weeding out the garden, or time de-cluttering the dining room or studio and finally seeing the floor or beautiful space around me. Piles of compost, or rubbish bags, or recycling / charity donations and evidence of some hard work makes me feel very happy (if a little achy).

    Thanks to all your commenters for reminding me how simple it is to feel good.

  27. When someone says “I love you” for no special reason, especially my little one.

  28. There is nothing that makes us feel better than doing something for someone else but in recent years I have learned to ‘treat’ myself as well. Nothing fancy. It can be something as simple as a donut, a nap or choosing time with my husband over time on my computer. Most of the things I have come to appreciate cost very little — and what could feel good(er) than that??

    Amy Parmenter

  29. I could clog up your blog with a big long list, but I’ll stick to the top five:

    1. My husband. I am blessed to be married to a man who sees the best side of me always and has these magic glasses that make me look beautiful no matter what.
    2. My dog. She is my number one source of smiles, so much so that I’ve made her the Law of Attraction Dog Life Coach on my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚
    3. The ocean. I am SO fortunate to live by the sea and be able to walk on the beach daily. I love the energy and power of it. It fills me with joy.
    4. Rain. Yup–rain. I love watching it, smelling it, walking in it. Good thing I live in the Pacific Northwest. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    5. Puppy Days. This is what I call those days when I stay in my PJs all day and just read or journal or hang out. Because puppies are masters of just being, I “make like a puppy” on these days, and that feels great!

  30. You know, just seeing images like the image with the man performing a Jimmy “Super Fly” like move on top of the bed while his wife looks annoyed would make you feel alot happier. Everyone needs a sense of humor. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. It doesn’t get me better than that.
    To be among that group, who they only for a few minutes have forgotten their grief and sing songs of love all together.

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