My #FeelGood10 – What Are Yours?

Ten things that make me feel good…

  1. feeling the sun on my bald head after a long winter
  2. hugs from my kids and wife
  3. walking
  4. a latte with one sugar (sugar must be sprinkled on top and not stirred)
  5. watching my kids discover something new
  6. doing (or giving) something that improves the life of someone else
  7. sleep (in a warm bed with flanelette sheets on a cold night)
  8. being entrepreneurial
  9. brainstorming
  10. public speaking

Here’s How I Tweeted It: My #FEELGOOD10 – Sun, Hugs, Walking, Lattes, Kids, Generosity, Sleep, Being Entrepreneurial, Brainstorming, Public Speaking

What ten things make you feel good?

About Darren Rowse

Darren is the founder of FeelGooder and various other blogs including ProBlogger Blog Tips, Digital Photography School. Check out his popular posts How to Start a Blog and How to Make Money Blogging.


  1. 1. The mountains
    2. Security
    3. Blogging
    4. Latte on a cool day
    5. The sound of the river outside my window
    6. Helping others out
    7. Being creative
    8. My cat
    9. Laughing at anything
    10. The beach

  2. 1. The love of my family however it is expressed, including my pets, either watching them be cute or hugging them
    2. My work when I know I am helping people, I am on the right path, and I don’t have that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach of being trapped back at my old day job
    3. The outdoors – Fresh cold air in my lungs, up in the mountains or the sun on my face on a clean beach
    4. Any of the many coffees I enjoy, each has its own ritual (I could write a whole blog on that one topic alone)
    5. Bacon sandwiches, Curry, Burritos, good steak, Timbits, maple syrup on pancakes, poutine with real cheese curds, fish and chips
    6. Photography because it combines my love of technology and tinkering with gadgets, with my love of art and the beauty of the world around me. I seldom have chance to draw or paint any more so it scratches a particular creative itch
    7. Shopping, reading about, and playing with gadgets
    8. Comics, Science fiction and fantasy novels
    9. Geeky tv and films, from Star Wars through to Bing Bang Theory
    10. The fact that I could write a very different list every day for a year and still not run out of ideas 🙂

    • Chris,

      What comics?! Marvel or DC or neither? Oh and your number 10 item is interesting to think about. Such as… why would it vary from time to time.

    • Hey Chris,

      Tell me more about these coffees and rituals you speak of my friend. I used to work at Starbucks and loved making coffee (though now I drink less than I used to)…

  3. 1. Just taking a moment in the chaos of life to watch my kids do something simple, like sleep or read. The beauty is beyond words. The best feeling is having them in my arms.
    2. An unexpected and unsolicited, genuine compliment
    3. Creative breakthroughs
    4. Helping people, making a difference!
    5. Knowing that I don’t have to worry because God has it under control.
    6. Being in nature, in the open space where I can breath and take in the enormity and possibility in the world.
    7. Singing and dancing
    8. Reading a book that expands my outlook
    9. Coming up with new ideas of how to make things better
    10. Laughing, that gut-wrenching-hurts-so-good belly laugh that you can’t control

    Wow it’s hard to keep this just to 10! 😀

  4. 1. Tea
    2. Meditating in the morning
    3. Surfing ocean waves
    4. Cooking an excellent meal
    5. Being out in nature, walking through it, relaxing in it
    6. Practicing and studying martial arts
    7. Being consumed by playing the acoustic guitar
    8. Going on long walks
    9. Playing basketball
    10. Eating and chatting with someone special

  5. In no particular order…

    1. Being in the arms of the one I Love
    2. Changing someone’s life for the better
    3. Discovering something new about myself (regardless of whether it’s a good or bad new thing)
    4. Getting that idea out of my head and into the world, however it needs to happen
    5. Being in the company of good friends (regardless of the reason)
    6. Catching a favorite episode of an old show on TV, randomly
    7. Stumbling through old letters from old friends
    8. Finally fixing that problem that’s been holding everything else up
    9. Managing to find the perfect gift to give
    10. Spending time deep in nature

  6. 1. cooking things
    2. laughing
    3. tea
    4. long hot showers
    5. hugs
    6. growing veggies
    7. sunny days & rainy days
    8. running
    9. creating
    10. wine

  7. christmas music, my children, my husband, a hot mug of tea, snow falling outside my window, sleeping in, smiling, anticipation of holidays, christmas cards arriving in the mail, prayer

  8. 1. Gratitude of helping people
    2. Smiling
    3. Laughter
    4. Water
    5. Burning candles
    6. Music
    7. Brainstorming
    8. Connecting with people
    9. Camping
    10. Cars

  9. 1) going to the movies
    2) exercising
    3) knowing that I’ve helped one of my students
    4) my son’s “fat kid” laugh
    5) sleeping in on a Saturday morning
    6) reading something that’s really well-written
    7) singing in the car
    8) listening to my daughter read
    9) eating a meal that I didn’t have to prepare
    10) being outside at dusk

  10. In no particular order-
    1. Hiking
    2. Being near water-creek, river, lake, ocean
    3. Reading to learn
    4. Spending time with my hubby
    5. Watching my young adult kids hang out and interact with the 7 grandkids
    6. Watching littles ones learn something new, the joy of discovery
    7. Helping others “see” the potential and possiblities they have
    8. Have time and space to just “be”
    9. Eating an awesome tasty meal
    10. Watching my youngest (17) dance or ride her horse, so graceful, so beautiful!

    Thanks Darren!


  11. 1) The clear favorites – friends and family
    2) Coffee and a book
    3) Coffee and a book on a porch
    4) A nice walk
    5) Crossing things off my to-do list at work
    6) Volunteering
    7) My DVR (I’m not ashamed!)
    8) Thanksgiving, including the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
    9) People-watching at the airport (while drinking coffee)
    10) Losing track of time at a bookstore

    Now I want to go do all these things! 🙂

  12. 1. That awesome smile you get when you’ve been away from your child for the day and he’s glad you’re home.

    2. The zing in my body when I move with Pilates, the flow is amazing

    3. Sexy dates with my husband

    4. Discovering humanity on twitter, I love wading into the stream

    5. The awesome respect I give to gratitude, I have a lot to be grateful for

    6. Discovering hula-hooping, so much fun and my abs look great.

    7. How my blog can reach out and touch people, I can actually change people’s lives for the better, I respect the potential power and also savor the thanks I get.

    8. Sitting on my butt in a sunny spot with the cat next to me and a really good book.

    9. Adventures in travel, love exploring cities and their cultures.

    10. Hugs and snuggles, when my family is piled up in bed together on a Sunday morning before I start to make brunch.

    11. Food is love. I love to cook good food for my family!

    Yup, I’m doing 11 but I was on a role. Great post Darren. 🙂


  13. Love this!
    1. Hearing my nephews shriek Kiki when they see me
    2. An afternoon cup of coffee with the right amount of half&half
    3. An unexpected thank you…
    4. Smiles, laughs & nods from an audience
    5. Sharing my son’s mature, smart & witty sense of humor
    6. Crisp sheets, perfect pillow & fluffy down comforter
    7. Butternut squash with butter & maple syrup
    8. Riding to the top of a hill despite the impending impossibility
    9. The smell of honeysuckle
    10. That look that communicates complete understanding & acceptance

  14. yo yo…

    1. The journey
    2. achieving things along the journey
    3. Playing sports
    4. Winning when I play sports
    5. Watching my nephew’s and nieces grow up (and playing games with them)
    6. Hanging out with my siblings and parents together.
    7. Connecting with fun people doing interesting things in life and business
    8. Traveling and the learning process I receive when entering new cultures
    9. Growing personally
    10. Milk shakes 🙂

  15. 1) my close friends
    2)My kids
    3)my dog (Tammy)
    4)my hubby who i care for and love (my soulmate)
    5) silence
    7)coffee and walking on the beach
    8) reading and meditation
    9)helping people in need
    10) going for a drive in the country and looking at beautiful wildlife 🙂

  16. 1. A good book
    2. A roomful of books
    3. Baking something new
    4. Chocolate
    5. A cuddle
    6. Saying I love you and meaning it
    7 sex
    8. Spending time with grandkids
    9. Being called Good Grandma
    10. Spending time with gf in Edmonton – friends for 35 years

  17. 1. A still mind…or any other version of inner peace.
    2. Snuggling with husband John.
    3. Deep and intimate conversations.
    4. Warm sunshine on my face – ideally while looking at the ocean
    5. Creativity flowing.
    6. Bikram yoga (except Standing Head to Knee posture)
    7. A hot shower.
    8. Affecting transformation.
    9. A scrumptious red wine.
    10. Uncontrollable laughter.

    10 1/2. A purring cat (my father’s cat Calypso is motoring as I type)

    • Aww, purring cats are great. I love it especially when I’m in a bad mood and my kitty seems to know…she always becomes my shadow and purrs extra loudly!

  18. 10: My new Mac Air
    9: Starbucks (with my new Mac air)
    8: A book that makes me think differently about something
    7: Being inspired
    6: Inspiring someone
    5: TV cuddle time with my husband
    4: Morning talks with my mom
    3: My first cup of coffee in the morning
    2: An intense devotional
    1: Ben and Jerry’s Boston Cream Pie Ice Cream

  19. 10 things that make me feel good:

    01. My family
    02. Chocolates
    03. Pokemon (especially when I win a hard battle)
    04. Poodles
    05. Books
    06. Writing and blogging
    07. Online shopping
    08. Clients who pay on time
    09. True and trusted friends
    10. Traveling

  20. 1. Finding the perfect gift for somebody, watching their eyes light up
    2. Sipping a beautiful glass of wine while taking a bubble bath
    3. The catharsis you feel after an especially good book
    4. Watching Penn State games
    5. Playing video games with friends
    6. Sexy, romantic, love
    7. A kid who can’t stop laughing
    8. Meeting new and exciting people who understand me
    9. Paying bills (I know, weird, but it’s so satisfying to have enough money to pay for everything, being caught up on all of my bills)
    10. Zombie movies 😀

    Love reading everyone’s lists!!

  21. Things that make me feel good:

    – My pink pj’s after a long day of work (they’re sooo comfy)
    – Hot water (random and weird, I know but I get so cold all the time)
    – A good work-out (I just don’t like the sweaty yucky feeling right after)
    – Waking up after a 12 hour nap feeling oh so refreshed!
    – The smell of a clean “everything” (I just really like it when things are clean and organized)
    – Knowing that I accomplished everything on my To Do List for the day…

    And that’s all I can think of for now so I’m going to stop there… But I liked reading everyone else’s lists!

  22. Knowing that those I love KNOW that I love them.

  23. 1. Coffee (black with no sugar) or Redbull in the morning.
    2. Sleeping in after a long hard week.
    3. Reading a damn good book (non-social media or business related. It’s been hard to find a good read lately though I recently enjoyed “127 Hours”)
    4. Watching a good movie (my favorites are: Snatch, The Big Lebowski and Beverly Hills Cop; evidently, I like comedies)
    5. Playing sports on weekends (basketball in particular; I don’t think the girlfriend enjoys this very much so I asked her to pick up a hobby while I’m out playing :-))
    6. Sitting at my computer (or with my laptop) researching and writing (I want to put together more content in ebook format moving into 2011 and write more guest posts)
    7. Sushi! I loovvve Sushi! I work in Irvine now (far, far away from where my favorite restaurant is located and I haven’t found a good place).
    8. Blue Moon with an orange slice. Nothing tastes better after a long day of work.
    9. Chai Lattes. Extra hot. I tried making my own and they just don’t taste the same so I’m sticking with Starbucks.
    10. Speaking in front of an audience. I remember the first time, my hands wouldn’t stop shaking. Every now and then, I still get nervous, but it’s natural and it all goes away. I’ve done a lot less this year than I did the year before but I’d like to get “back in the game” in 2011.

    So that’s my top ten for now! Writing this out and thinking about it makes me smile for some odd reason, but it feels good. Off to read some of the other entries!

  24. Susan Ditz says:

    Wonderful, inspiring lists– here are mine in no special order:

    – Gratitude
    – Snuggling a tiny, sleeping baby
    – Knowing something I did made a difference in someone’s life
    – Snowshoeing after a storm with my dogs
    – Music of all kinds
    – Laughing so hard my stomach hurts
    – Romantic moments like sitting in a hot tub watching the stars with my husband
    – Dancing until I’m breathless with good friends
    – Walking for miles on the beach at dawn
    – Learning something new

  25. -Taking time to sit down and read a book after starting at a computer screen all day
    -Walking to work and class
    -Actually cooking my own food and eating healthier
    -Drinking tea or coffee when I wake up, especially because I don’t do it every single day.
    -Playing soccer
    -Listening to music in diverse genres
    -Reading my dad’s poetry
    -Coming up with a good idea (for writing, blogging, etc. I am certainly hoping this becomes more of a trend!)
    -Cleaning my room (I’m surprised to see myself write this, as it is a rare occurrence…)
    -Being around my family and friends

  26. in no particular order
    hugs from my daughter
    text or call from friend
    enjoying nature
    creating new businesses
    helping someone

  27. 1. my grandkids
    2. Tim Horton’s coffee
    3. reading a good book
    4. walking on the beach
    5. my camera
    6. flowers
    7. good food
    8. beauty of nature
    9. sunshine
    10. music

  28. 1. Knowing that there is Love all around me.
    2. Finishing a song that’s even in the works for a long time.
    3. Playing music for other people.
    4. Giving
    5. Spending time with the important people in my life.
    6. A warm cup of coffee/tea on a cold day
    7. Teaching kids music
    8. Making video blogs
    9. Watching my loved ones grow
    10. The color purple

  29. 1. Hugs from Husband and son
    2. coffee – just about anyway!
    3. Climbing into a bed with clean sheets
    4. warm towels from the dryer
    5. talking to my best friend
    6. ocean
    7. silence of the house in the morning before everyone is up
    8. watching my son smile
    9. hot tubs
    10. connecting with god

  30. Just a tip for keeping note of the positive thing’s going on in one’s life.

    Is keep a diary every night before you go to bed write down all the good thing’s that have and are happening to you in your life.

    i have started writing it in the morning, how good yesterday was and how good today is going to be.
    sort of like brain storming my day.

    i find it a great way, for starting off your day, in a positive way.

  31. 1. Coming home to a hug and a kiss from my wife!
    2. Enjoying the quiet and the solitude of the forest
    3. Exploring new singletrack on the back of my mountain bike
    4. Mountain Dew!
    5. Powder snow
    6. Mountains
    7. Riding with friends
    8. Writing about something I’m passionate about
    9. When people enjoy what I’ve written… and tell me!
    10. Reading my Bible and having a new revelation or realization

  32. 1. Coffee – that first cup, the whole morning ritual, warming the water, making it, letting it steep, smelling it, waiting, sipping, waiting until it is cool enough to drink, then ahhh…
    2. My sweet, sweet dog Chloe
    3. My annoying, yet entertaining and lovable cat Sparky
    4. Mom & Dad, still married & loving each other 53+ years
    5. The clickity, clackity old-fashioned typing sound of Q10 – a great, full-screen, minimalist text editor.
    6. When someone I don’t know says “what you wrote/said made a difference, thanks”
    7. Comfy, cozy, inviting home with a water view in beautiful Seattle
    8. Mt. Rainer
    9. Snow
    10. Friends old & new, near & far, close & acquaintances, in-person & digitally

  33. 1. My beloved
    2. Our cats
    3. Fruit
    4. Kayaking
    5. Having someone tell me at the end of a therapy session that they feel much better
    6. Writing a really good blog post
    7. A good, passionate talk with a friend
    8. Hot showers
    9. Audiobooks
    10. A really good fantasy novel

  34. In no particular order…..
    1. Listening to the birds chattering outside my window
    2. Long slow walks around the local Botanic Gardens breathing in the fresh air
    3. Living in the moment, without worry or care about the past (or future)
    4. Getting a good night’s restful sleep (rare as it is)
    5. Having a day without pain
    6. Soaking in a deep hot fragrant bath
    7. Watching a great movie which totally absorbs me or makes me laugh out loud.
    8. Listening to waves breaking on the sea shore
    9. Eating really good hot fish & chips on the pier (admiring the view on a warm sunny day)
    10. Taking great photos (on my walks)
    11. Communing with nature

    & so …………..the list goes on & on

  35. My Top Comfort Is Definitely Mac And Cheese.
    1. Macaroni and Cheese

    2. Warm pyjamas And Comfy Comforter

    3. Fire in the fireplace

    4. Warm soup on a snowy night

    5. Good book

    6. A few choice chocolates

    7. A good cup of Tim Horton’s coffee

    8. Homemade stew

    9. Birthday gifts

    10.Good music and good movies

    What are your most comforting things?

  36. 1. The dawn chorus in mid summer
    2. A bath followed by clean PJ’s and getting into clean sheets
    3. Waking up naturally instead of by the alarm
    4. Walking alone listening to Handel operas
    5. Hiking in unknown countries
    6. That cup of tea after a huge walk
    7. Crisp, hot, salty chips
    8. The prospect of retiring next July
    9. My gorgeous, lovely, silly cats
    10. An unexpectedly good shot taken by my Nikon by me

  37. Brenda Breeding says:

    Ten things that make me happy….

    The smell of my dog’s paws (fritos)
    Hiking in the mountains
    The feel of soft sand between my toes
    The smell of speghetti sauce cooking
    The look and smell of freshly cut grass
    The sound of a live symphony orchestra
    The sound of my cat purring
    The ability to pay the bills each month
    Free time

  38. I adore all your lists!

    Here is mine, in no particular order.

    1. My cats and cow.
    2. Watching canaries at the feeder on a cold winter day.
    3. The smell of sage.
    4. Spending time with loved ones.
    5. Hearing the red-winged blackbirds when they return in the Spring.
    6. Being creative.
    7. Reading Shakespeare.
    8. Strauss waltzes… always make me feel like dancing.
    9. A warm gentle summer rain.
    10. Sunrises and sunsets… perfect photo opportunities!

  39. Making this kind of list is always a good way to spend time!

    1. Watching my dog play or sleep
    2. Hearing my husband say, “Hello Beautiful.”
    3. Rain
    4. Walking on the beach
    5. Long, hot jetted tub baths
    6. Dogs, dogs, dogs (is that 3 things?)
    7. Singing
    8. Photographing my dog (is there a theme here? 🙂 )
    9. Candlelight dinners
    10. Playing Scrabble on a lazy afternoon

    • I love watching my kids sleep. In fact, sometimes (only SOMETIMES, mind you), I sleep better when one of my kids in sleeping next to me. I immediately relax.

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  40. Ah….this list Feels Good…

    1. Mexican hot chocolate

    2. A warm beach

    3. A published post

    4. My daughter´s curls

    5. A day to myself, unplugged

    6. A good workout sweat

    7. Paying my bills

    8. Certainty

    9. Opening doors for others.

    10. Reinventing myself

  41. 1. Cuddles with my little boys.
    2. Belly Laughs until I almost pee.
    3. The Library
    4. Play Dates
    5. Creative Baking & Cooking
    6. Arts & Crafts
    7. Holiday Vacations
    8. Sunshine
    9. The cool side of the pillow
    10. Water

  42. Catherine Brody says:

    1. My pets (I got 2 cats)
    2. PLaying world of warcraft
    3. spending time with my husband and my daughter
    4. Reading
    5. Talking and hanging out with my friends
    6. a hot summer day
    8. walking on a cool spring day
    9. Photography
    10. Facerbook

  43. Nancy keener says:

    Counting my Blessings
    FaceTime with God
    Watching my grown up children and grandbaby “hang out.”
    Seeing my husband
    Seeing my students have “ah ha!” moments
    Laughing till my knees give way
    The clean fresh air after a rain
    Warm sun, swimming, walking, cool water

  44. Nancy keener says:

    Finally… The feeling I get when I have
    Completed something

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